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Dr. Kent Speaks at Harvard Medical School Conference

Naples Lifestyle Medicine Physician Speaks at Harvard Medical School Conference on Healthy Aging

DrKent_Harvard1Kriston Kent M.D. MPH, a Naples lifestyle medicine physician, recently spoke to over 400 attendees at the Harvard Institute of Lifestyle Medicine conference entitled: “Practicing Lifestyle Medicine: Tools for Promoting Healthy Change“. This course took place in Boston on June 26-27.

Dr. Kent’s presentation highlighted his model of using a team approach to creating a lifestyle change. The “Dream Team“, as it was called at the conference, included alifestyle medicine physician (Dr. Kent), a nutritionist, anexercise specialist, a behavior specialist, and a health coach. Dr. Kent is the owner/medical director of the Kent Center for LIFE which often uses this team approach to help patients avoid chronic diseases and treats patients with chronic diseases using lifestyle modification instead of medications and medical procedures. This approach actually treats the cause of most chronic illnesses, instead of just the symptoms.


Dr. Kent lectures on current practices in Lifestyle Medicine to Harvard extension class

Dr. Kent recently spoke at Harvard University to a large group of students about current practices in Lifestyle Medicine. Speaking to a diverse group of students, both on campus and from around the world, Dr. Kent enlightened the students in Beth Frates MD class about improving health and reversing/improving chronic disease through lifestyle modification.

Dr. Frates is a faculty member for Harvard Medical School, a motivational speaker, a practicing lifestyle medicine physician, and assistant director at the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard.  Most of the class material involves the methods and science behind the use of lifestyle medicine.  Dr. Kent’s presentation provided an opportunity for the students to see how the methods and science can be put into practice.  His presentation emphasized the benefits of a team approach with emphasis on Lifestyle habit modification.  Particular emphasis was placed on the incredible benefits/pitfalls of nutrition, physical activity, sleep, positive thinking, and spirituality.

Finally, Dr. Kent stressed the benefits of a patient’s environment on their health habits. The creation of Blue Zones was discussed. Blue Zones involve the availability of unique opportunities to make the appropriate nutritional choices, the ability to be physically active, and an emphasis on the well-being of everyone in one’s community.  Naples, Florida is currently involved in a project which would alter lifestyle choices significantly and dramatically improve the health of everyone who wishes to do so.  Dr. Kent is actively involved in this project.


Gulfshore Life’s Top Doctors event.



Green scene cooking event 4-2014
Dr. Kent at the Naples Green Scene Meeting in April 2014.

Guest Speaker - NGS May 2014 
Dr. Kent was a guest speaker at the May 2014 meeting of Naples Green Scene.



Guest Speaker at Naples Green Scene May 2014
Dr. Kent was a guest speaker at the May 2014 meeting of Naples Green Scene.