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    Nature: Fantastic for Your Brain Health Nature: Fantastic for Your Brain Health

    Nature: Fantastic for Your Brain Health

Nature: Fantastic for Your Brain Health

Several recent studies confirm that it takes only 5 minutes of walking in a natural setting to boost your self-esteem, improve your mood, and reduce your blood pressure. Very few other choices can provide such large benefits (in such a short time). Certainly, no single medication is likely to provide these benefits, especially without side effects. Therefore, scheduling a walk outdoors at least several days a week can provide incredible health benefits.

The current recommendation for minimal adequate physical activity is to obtain at least 30 minutes of walking on at least 5 days a week. However, for many people, this should be a goal, not a starting point. Furthermore, one should choose whatever physical activity they enjoy as their exercise of choice.

Finally, when you walk can provide even more benefits. Studies have recently confirmed that walking during the first hour after a meal can significantly improve the way glucose (sugar) is handled in the bloodstream. Our blood sugar increases after each meal and requires significant response from the pancreas to produce insulin. Walking after a meal provides a way to move glucose into muscle cells without the need for insulin. Therefore, this is a natural way to treat type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, and prevent progression to diabetes.

In summary, we all must plan to get up and get outside at least most days of the week. Ideally, this will involve a planned activity at a park, on a trail, or at the beach!

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    Find Time To Exercise Find Time To Exercise

    Find Time To Exercise

Find Time To Exercise

By Julie Eubanks


Quick Tips for Incorporating Exercise into your Daily Schedule

Life is amazing, fast-paced and full of excitement.  Schedules are often full leaving little free time let alone time for exercise.  Exercise benefits are numerous; yet other responsibilities crowd out our time to focus on this aspect of our well- being.  The following are some quick tips for incorporating exercise into your daily routine.


1.)     Change your attitude.  View exercise as the solution instead of the problem.  We often have a “problem” fitting exercise into our schedules.  If we choose to view exercise as the solution for stress, fatigue and low energy levels, we are likely to prioritize it.

2.)   Plan to exercise.  Make an appointment with yourself in your day planner to exercise.  Include specific dates and times in your planner.  Scheduling time in your day to exercise will improve your consistency and commitment.

3.)   Find an accountability partner.  Identify a buddy to exercise with or just a friend you can report your progress to.  Knowing someone will be asking you about your exercise habits is a great motivator.

4.)   Set reasonable exercise goals for yourself.  Making small, attainable, measurable goals for your exercise week will help improve your confidence in fitness.  Often we set lofty goals that we are unable to achieve, leaving us to feel as if we have failed.  Keep your goals simple and build on them gradually.

5.)   Multitask.  Try reading a book or a report while riding a stationary bike or walking on a treadmill.  Walk up and down a flight of stairs for 5 minutes at lunch time.  Have a walking meeting. Turn on your favorite music while you clean to put a little extra pep in your step. Exercise during […]

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