“Now that I have finished my time with your practice in “Squaring Off the Curve,” I would like to thank you, the office staff, support team, and Dr. Kent for a wonderful experience.  I learned so much.  My mantra is that if I gain a pound or two, it immediately comes off because I know how to do it.  I know exactly what it takes to live a good life and feel great.  Everyone was so kind and caring which made it so pleasant.  We can’t stop the hands of time, but we can certainly make the best of it, and that is what I intend to do.  I know we will continue to see each other from time to time.  My best to all.   ~ Myra”



“I have noticed improvement in my hair!  🙂  Tell Dr. Kent he did a great job!   ~ Cori”



gary“Having been in the hair business for over 32 years and being concerned about not only my clients hair, but also my own, it was very intriguing to me to get the hair restoration using your own growth factors. I like the natural approach when possible. I have had one treatment to date, and I can definitely tell a difference. There is more more cushion I can feel, or lots of new hair growth. It’s all about getting connected to the right people. I can assure you, you should go in for a consolation. Dr. Kent and staff will take great care of you.”


Kathy Fairbanks Awesome Beach photoKathy at her highest weight (left) and Kathy after her 115 pound weight loss (right).


“I have been down the weight loss road many times and was extremely successful several years ago. What I couldn’t do was succeed long term. It was with the guidance of the KCL staff, that I finally feel that I have found a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.”

Kathy is a 56-year-old female who came to The Kent Center having successfully lost 115 pounds in the past. Kathy had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 15 years ago, was hypertensive, and under care for cholesterol. When we first met Kathy, she had gained approximately 50 pounds back, was once again classified as obese, and was struggling with the weight gain. She had been successful at maintaining her blood sugar levels but not successful at maintaining her weight. In addition, her diet had sapped her energy level and she was unable to maintain her previous level of exercise. She presented taking 2 medications for high blood pressure, and 2 medications for elevated cholesterol.

Kathy initially went through our advanced assessment which carefully assessed her overall health including biometrics and lab work, nutrition, physical fitness, and health behaviors. Next, Kathy began our one year program with Dr. Kent and a health coach. Using a new approach to her daily nutrition, combined with a modification of her existing exercise program, and frequent communication with Dr. Kent and her coach, Kathy noticed immediate improvement in her energy level and her confidence. Over the next 4 months, Kathy has lost 20 pounds, seen her blood pressure change from high on blood pressure medication, to a very safe, normal level without medication. In addition, she has experienced a dramatic reduction in her blood cholesterol levels (while reducing one of her two cholesterol medications by 50%). Finally, Kathy’s blood sugar readings have remained at a safe level as well.

So what do all these changes mean? First and most important, Kathy feels much better and is enjoying life much more. In addition, Kathy has dramatically reduced her risk of heart disease, stroke, and serious complications of diabetes, like blindness and kidney failure. Due to her biometric findings, Kathy was at great risk for all of these conditions. However, now she is at extremely low risk of any of these illnesses. Finally, Kathy was happy to report to me recently that “I am off of blood pressure medication for the first time since I was 30 years old”. Kathy is truly amazing!



“I can’t believe the change and neither can my Primary Care Doctor. My desire to cut back on my medications has always been a hope but to believe that I could eventually quit taking some altogether is more than I ever dreamed I could accomplish. My wife is a great support; A key ingredient in helping me with my daily goals as well as my lifelong goals.”

Bob is a 58-year-old male who originally came to The Kent Center to address several chronic health issues which he was experiencing, and to try and improve his overall health and health span. Bob had noticed increasing fatigue and joint pain and was on at least 6 medications for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated blood lipids, and gout.

After his comprehensive health assessment, Bob decided to embrace the guidance from Dr. Kent and his health coach. Over the next 6 weeks, Bob experienced an incredible increase in his energy level, decrease in aches and pains, and overall “feeling better”. Equally as amazing, Bob’s blood cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure all dropped dramatically. Bob lost 25 pounds and his new blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels required his primary care physician to reduce several of his medications.

Bob continues to thrive with his new lifestyle and has provided tremendous assistance to several others who were struggling with their poor health habits. Through Bob’s example and encouragement, they now see a way to heal themselves with simple lifestyle habits.