Recently, the FDA approved the use of the new hyaluronic acid filler to address upper mid facial aging and I have been very pleased with the results I’ve seen in my patients. Why is this important?

Facial plastic surgeons have increasingly become aware of the need to address the loss of cheek fullness in the malar region (high cheekbone area) and surrounding areas. As we lose the youthful curve of the “cheek mound”, the upper midface begins to hollow out leading to be familiar depressions under the eyes, tear trough depressions across the midcheek, and overall flatness throughout the midface. Loss of this fullness sends a strong visual message of aging, and implies an associated loss of vitality (just like the other previously recognized visual signs of aging in the brow regions, around the mouth, and along the jawlines).

So what are the advantages of this new product known as Juvederm Voluma?

Voluma is the only product currently FDA approved to address volume loss in the cheek area. It is also the longest lasting with an average contour improvement of 2 years. It is also a naturally occurring substance and has been used safely for more than 8 years in Europe and Canada.

So, is Voluma just another facial filler, or is it an exciting new addition to nonsurgical facial rejuvenation? So far, I can unequivocally say that Voluma provides immediate improvement previously unattainable in the upper midface and both my patients and I have found the results to be very exciting!

~ Dr. Kent